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MyRPB for Employers Portal:
Feature Spotlight

The MyRPB for Employers portal has features designed with you in mind.

MyRPB gives employers flexibility and control over how they administer their plan, make payments, and view information. Specifically, employers can:

  • View retirement information by calendar year in addition to plan year.

  • Schedule payments on a bi-weekly or weekly basis, in addition to the existing semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly, or annual frequency options.

  • Specify the dates for semi-monthly recurring payments, rather than being limited to the 1st and 15th of the month.

  • Generate contribution statements and bank activity reports to help you with your reporting or reconciliation needs.

  • Print or download data on employer and employee retirement contributions and LTD payments.

  • Directly enroll participants in RPB's retirement plan.

These features are a direct result of the input you’ve given us. We’re always working behind the scenes to make the MyRPB for Employers portal work better for you.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Contact our team:

Robert Perry
Director of Participant and Employer Services

Chase Bouchie
Employer Account Associate

Reminders for the new plan year:
  1. Settle 2022 balances owed, if applicable.

  2. Adjust compensation and contribution rates for new and existing employees.

  3. Add termination dates for employees no longer working for you.

  4. Schedule payments for the new plan year. (Employer/employee schedules do not carry over.)

  5. Add long term disability coverage for employees not yet in the LTD plan. (Semi-annual open enrollment is open 6/27-8/26)

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