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MyRPB for Employers Portal:
New Features

View your organization’s payment history by calendar year (January – December) or plan year (July – June the following year) on both the View Retirement Summary and Make Retirement Payments screens.

Calendar Year

On the View Retirement Plan Summary screen, you can view compensation, contribution, amounts paid and balances due by calendar year or by plan year.

On the Make Retirement Plan Payments screen, you can switch to a calendar year view to see all payments tagged with the same payroll calendar year. This may help you reconcile payments to payroll or it may help you view payments made in the same year that were applied to different plan years.

Regardless of your organization’s fiscal year, in the calendar year view, employee pre-tax and Roth amounts should equal your payroll contributions for that year.

Please note that payment schedules can still only be created by plan year. You cannot create a payment schedule that runs on a calendar year basis.

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