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MyRPB for Employers Portal:
New Features

Generate reports and download data.

You can print a screen and/or download its data into an Excel sheet from the following screens:

  • View Retirement Plan Summary

  • Adjust Compensation and Contributions

  • Make Retirement Plan Payments

  • View LTD Plan Summary

  • Make LTD Payments

To print and export data on screens throughout the portal, click on the [green links] at the top right of the data tables.


New Enrollment Process

Enrollment for URJ congregational employees is done directly through the MyRPB for Employers web portal. See the Employer Enrollment Explainer - Step 2 for detailed instructions.


Downloading reports may help you reconcile your employment contracts or your general ledger.

Generate reports.

In addition to the printing and downloading capability, employers can generate and print two types of reports. The Generate Reports tile on the dashboard provides access to a Contribution Statement and Bank Activity report.

The Contribution Statement Report lists all employees and the contributions they received for the selected year. This is available in either a high-level summary or a detailed version. The detailed version lists every payment for an employee and how it was applied. The Contribution Statement was the most requested report from our employers over the last two years, as it was needed when applying for COVID Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. Now, you can run it yourself.

To generate the report:

  1. Select “Summary” or “Detailed” report.

  2. From the “View by Time Frame” dropdown, choose “Plan Year” or “Calendar Year.”

  3. Select the desired year.

  4. Click "Run and Print.”

The Bank Activity Report lists all of the payments made by your organization during a selected date range, regardless of product. This report is driven by payment date as opposed to plan year or payroll calendar year.

To generate the report:

  1. Select the desired date range.

  2. Click "Run and Print.”

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